Phil Jackson’s criticism of Carmelo Anthony was actually a vicious self-own

During Phil Jackson’s exit press conference on Friday, the Knicks’ president delivered a message to media, detailing his intentions to move on from All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony. When Jackson was asked if he wanted the franchise’s seventh all-time leading scorer to return to the team, the Zen Master said the team hasn’t been able to win with him.

That sentiment is true of Jackson, not Anthony.

Manning, who has been accused of taking part in the scheme so he could hang on to his personal items, sent an incriminating email in 2010. Manning was asked by his marketing agent, Alan Zucker, to satisfy a contract with memorabilia firm Steiner Sports for two game-used helmets and two game-used jerseys.

Instead of handing over the gear, Manning sent an email to the Giants’ the equipment manager Joe Skiba for “helmets that can pass as game used,” court documents show.

“Manning was looking to give non-game-used helmets to Steiner to satisfy — fraudulently — his contractual obligation,” the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Brian Brook, said in a statement.

“Since it appears that the Giants failed to preserve any emails between Manning and Joe Skiba, and the Giants are keeping Skiba on the payroll and paying his substantial legal bills, the above email exchange may be the only direct evidence that Manning knowingly gave fraudulent helmets to Steiner for sale to fans.”

Manning turned over the incriminating email last week, but Brook claims there are others he and the Giants didn’t turn over, including a previously disclosed 2008 exchange, after they won the Super Bowl.

The alleged fake memorabilia scheme dates back to at least 2004, Manning’s rookie year. The civil-racketeering lawsuit also claims Manning’s 2008 Super Bowl-winning jersey inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame is actually fake.

This feral monster sweet creature will live with a Marlins employee

A player who has enough jukes in his arsenal to fake out an entire defense, Lynch tries to pull one more move from his bag of tricks before practice ends on this particular evening. As he approaches the crowd of journalists, Lynch slowly creeps behind wide receiver Robert Jordan, who is walking off the field.
Hide me, hide me, says Lynch playfully. They ain’t gonna see me.

Authentic Youth Zack Martin Jersey Nevermind the fact that Lynch is about 55 pounds heavier than Jordan. The sophomore tailback is using his cousin as… a lead blocker to guide himself away from the expectant reporters.

At the time, Lynch’s distaste for giving interviews didn’t ring a million alarms. The title for this piece is Reluctant poster boy, as if Lynch was hesitant to take the spotlight, whereas now, amateur psychoanalysts seem to believe Lynch’s failure to talk to the media is in and of itself a way of gaining attention. However, his stance has remained the same: He’d prefer to play football.
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The nation was transfixed earlier this week by Marlins Cat, the feral monster that broke into Marlins Park and attempted to eat the monstrous 20-foot spinning ceramic swordfish in center field. Play was stopped while officials chased the beast down, and order was restored.

Here is my advice to everyone reading: If you absolutely must adopt a feral cat, please give us continual updates about how it is ruining your clothes/furniture/sanity. It takes an indescribable amount of patience to un-feral a cat — as much as thats even possible — and its certainly not for everyone.

However, this is Marlins Cat, and he or she deserves this home. Good work turning a trespassing violation into free food for the rest of your life, cat. You are an inspiration.

Chris Bosh still thinks he’ll play in the NBA again before retiring

“I understand what they have to do as a team,” Bosh said. “It is a business. I know we — as athletes and owners and people involved with the NBA — never want to say it’s a business, and things like that. It’s is a business. And hurt does come in with that. But as president of the Miami Heat, I understand what he has to do.”

Bosh served as a TNT analyst during this season at times, not playing a game for the first time. Bosh had missed parts of the previous two seasons with complications due to his blood clotting, and said he didn’t know what was necessarily next for him.

“I don’t know,” he said. “And that’s exciting. It’s always this kind of pressure as an athlete, people [asking], ‘What are you going to do? And you should do this? Or you should do that?’ I think it’s OK to say, ‘I don’t know what I want to do.’ I have a lot of things on my mind.”

Bosh didn’t go into details about his health, calling it “very complicated,” but he clearly isn’t retiring yet either. Hopefully, he can return to the court sooner than later.

Limited Womens Ryane Clowe Jersey Nikita Zaitsev returned to the Maple Leafs’ lineup after missing the opening two games of the playoffs with a concussion.
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“It’s the best time of the year. It’s very exciting,” Zaitsev said of playing in his first career NHL playoff game. “I feel better every day. I made good progress.”

Zaitsev would only feel better later as Toronto took a 2-1 series lead over Washington with a 4-3 overtime victory.

it has fared well against the run and is No. 8 in rushing defense.

Coming off a huge road win against Chicago, Detroit is in terrific position to win the NFC North. Five of its final seven games come against teams with a losing record. The biggest game left on the schedule will be in Week 13 against Green Bay and the Lions will play at home and possibly against a Packers team without Aaron Rodgers.
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The offense is the key for the Lions, who have not had a lot of success defensively this season. They rank below Pittsburgh in several defensive categories, but Matthew Stafford and company make up for a lot of the faults. The Lions have scored at least 21 points in eight of their nine games this season. Their 6-3 record hasn’t come easy, but they’ve come out on top in a few close games with a 4-2 record in games decided by one possession.

Although Detroit has allowed the 27th-most passing yards per game, it has fared well against the run and is No. 8 in rushing defense.

Kids Jahri Evans Jersey That pressure of carrying a team is nothing new. Saric has held that responsibility since his teenage years playing big minutes in the Euroleague. He had only been waiting for an opportunity to prove he could handle that pressure here in the NBA.

鈥淚 think the fact that now he starts, he鈥檚 featured more, he鈥檚 on the court more minutes than normally he would鈥檝e been. That is a true reason [for his rise],鈥?Brown says. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a comfort level that he plays with now that he did not play with at the start of the year. And it鈥檚 continued to grow as he has assumed more responsibility as a starter.鈥?

Here’s all the information you should know about every team with a chance at making the playoffs

The Cardinals have plenty of questions to answer about their offense after a 7-8-1 slump in 2017. Their plan? More touches for David Johnson, a change in position for Andre Ellington, and maybe even a new quarterback.

Bruce Arians on drafting a QB: “It would be one of the best situations for a young quarterback to walk into… for as long as it takes.”

The NBA playoffs begin on April 15. The standings are beginning to shape up, but there’s still a lot that won’t be determined until every regular season game has concluded. Whether Golden State or San Antonio ends up with the top seed in the Western Conference is one unknown, and making sure Cleveland holds onto the No. 1 spot in the East is also still up in the air.

Right now, this is what we do know about the playoff races. Tiebreakers will factor in for some race at some point, in all likelihood. There will be important games that haven’t been played yet. At this point, what teams have remaining on the schedule matters immensely, since there’s such a small portion of the season left.

Here’s all the information you should know about every team with a chance at making the playoffs — well, you know, at least a realistic one.

Unfortunately, having good reasons to put together a match of such importance generally outweighs a good-sounding matchup, and fans get real tired of title shots being handed out because someone made someone else angry like we often see on RAW. I mean, why on earth are Enzo and Cass in the tag title match at WrestleMania, anyways? It’s not like they’ve done anything actually all that interesting in the last year, much less something actually worthwhile of a title match. And the less said about Bill Goldberg winning the Universal Title, the better.

The Rams managed to snag left tackle Andrew Whitworth away from the Bengals

Colts safety Sergio Brown went viral as he recited Flair’s catchphrase in the Colts’ locker room after a game. Flair has been mentioned in so many songs that you can make a playlist out of them. In fact, Ric Flair himself did just that; he created a playlist and only included songs named Ric Flair to workout to. This is some next-level boasting, unique to professional wrestling. (Also if you haven’t listened to Killer Mike’s “Ric Flair,” you need to remedy that immediately.)

The 2016 national championship is destined to be remembered forever as an all-time classic thanks to its pristine play and sensational finish. History will never look as favorably on its 2017 counterpart. That matters to some people, but none of the parties involved.

As he stood on stage with his players and accepted his third national championship trophy beneath a wave of confetti, Roy Williams spoke his first postgame words.

“Well, neither team played very well.”
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He wasn’t smiling any less than he was in 2005 or 2009 when his team had been sensational in championship victories. He wasn’t disappointed by the effort or by the fact that he hadn’t just coached in a title game classic for the second time in as many years. He was simply telling the truth. A truth that didn’t matter to him, or his team, or his fan base. The only truth that mattered was that No. 6 was coming back home to Chapel Hill.

Who they added in free agency: The Rams managed to snag left tackle Andrew Whitworth away from the Bengals. Whitworth was arguably the best tackle available this year, and Los Angeles locked the veteran up on a three-year deal.
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Whitworth won’t be able to fix line play on his own, so the Rams still have some changes to make. They’re expected to do just that and shift Greg Robinson to right tackle. Rob Havenstein, who played right tackle last season, will move to right guard.

Goldson was suspended one-game for an illegal hit on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White

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The Broncos medical staff followed proper procedure, according to reports. Kyle Montgomery of Mile High Report wrote that Welker must now go through NFL protocol before he is cleared to return. His status for Denver’s matchup against the New England Patriots in Week 12 is in question.

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Erik Walden and Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson will both miss Week 12 after the NFL upheld one-game suspensions for both players.

Walden was suspended a game for headbutting TEnnessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker. Walker was not wearing a helmet at the time. Walden will now be forced to sit out Indianapolis’ game against the Arizona Cardinals.
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Goldson was suspended one-game for an illegal hit on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. This is the second time Goldson has been suspended this season, but his previous one-game suspension was overturned on appeal. He will miss Tampa Bay’s game at Detroit on Sunday.

The lawsuit alleges that the Baylor coaching staff instituted a “show em a good time” culture in which illegal activities were encouraged and/or ignored in regards to what players did when hosting recruits on their visits.

a. Players arranging for women, alcohol and illegal drugs for parties when recruits were in town;

b. Paying for and escorting underage recruits to bars and strip clubs;

and c. Paying for off-campus football parties (which repeatedly resulted in gang rape of women by the athletes).
Part of the lawsuit centers on the hostess program, referred to as the Baylor Bruins. Many schools use young women to impress and shuttle recruits from place to place on their campus visits. The lawsuit alleges that the Bruins were used to have sex with recruits.

Sunday’s game is set to resume following a delay due to a tornado warning.

The Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears have returned to the field after a delay of over an hour due to weather.

Fans were asked to leave the stands and take shelter under the Soldier Field concourse as a precaution in the event the stadium was hit with a tornado. The threat of weather-related injury was real, and some fans used alcohol as a coping mechanism — including one man who elected to run onto the vacated field and be tackled by the stadium staff.

Game Mens Wayne Simmonds Jersey It’s unclear what the delay will mean for Sunday’s game. Prior to the evacuation both teams leaned on their ground game, choosing to avoid testing the wind with their quarterbacks. Ray Rice was having success against the Bears defense, while Matt Forte averaged 9.0 yards per carry on two attempts.

Staying focused is often the biggest challenge for players following and long delay and it will be interesting to see if the game gets sloppy moving forward.

[E]very time you’d see an interview with him after his career, he sounded like he couldn’t be more comfortable. Imagine being so confident in yourself, as a man, that you could have so much ripped from you in a single moment, yet grow and become someone who seems just as happy without it.

That is the list of things he did that you and I cannot do, and we can add “got the hell over it” to that list, even though he was the one who stood to lose so much. He seems, from my removed perspective, to be genuinely happy. He seems to have won in the only respect that truly matters.

Authentic Womens Benjamin Watson Jersey So this week’s Breaking Madden doesn’t come from a place of regret or lament. We got to see him play football for four years, and this is a celebration of those years.

Andrew Luck engineers comeback, 30-27

For a while it appeared the Colts would be the next team to fall for a trap game against a divisional opponent they should easily beat, but Andrew Luck once again lead Indianapolis back, winning 30-27 Thursday night in Nashville.

The night went from bad to worse as emotions overflowed. It looked like Indianapolis would be unable to get back on track after a series in which linebacker Erik Walden headbutted an offensive player and the team surrendered back-to-back penalties that gave up 27 yards. The Titans held a commanding lead 17-6 at halftime, and it looked impossible for the Colts to overcome their emotions, let alone the deficit.

There’s a lesson in all this, though. Never count out Andrew Luck. His statistics might not always be eye-popping, but there are few quarterbacks in the league more capable of putting a team on his shoulders when everything else is failing. The Colts didn’t just need their quarterback to lead the team back, they needed a steadying force. The second-year Luck was able to offer precisely that.

A grinding drive resulted in Donald Brown’s rushing touchdown and suddenly the team showed signs of life. The Titans fumbled the ensuing kickoff and the ball was back in Luck’s hands. It wasn’t a matter of being given and inch an taking a mile, rather the Colts quarterback asserted his will and improvised his way to the team’s third touchdown of the night on a play fake that left the Titans defense confused before he easily ran it in for the lead.

Indianapolis held on and was able to leave with another victory that could have easily gone the other way. The win almost certainly seals an AFC South championship for the Colts, now leading by three games with six to play. The Titans will need look to reload in 2017 and decide if they can move forward with Jake Locker at quarterback.

Michael Floyd injury: Cardinals WR hurts shoulder, questionable to return

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We are split up into teams and begin rotating stations between different coaches teaching us “fundamental skills of football.” I use the term “teach” very loosely because very little is actually being taught, mostly because there is very little time in which to teach or learn. Gronk comes over to our group and teaches us footwork for passing a football, but mentions nothing about actual throwing technique. Most of the women at this camp can’t properly throw a football, and no one is teaching them. That seems like a pretty fundamental football skill, but what do I — a woman/girl/lady — know about that? So we go through a myriad of drills, including running, receiving, and kicking. Wait, we don’t even get to learn how to GronkSpikeTM? I want my money back.

Michael Floyd suffered a right shoulder injury late in the first quarter of Sunday’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans. The wideout is questionable to return, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. Floyd led the Cardinals with two receptions for 31 yards before leaving.

The Cardinals’ passing attack is having tremendous success against the Texans’ secondary early in Sunday’s game. Carson Palmer is 7-for-10 passing for 92 yards and a touchdown with 10 minutes left in the second quarter. Floyd was clearly a big part of that success, so his absence would be a big blow if he is ultimately ruled out for the game.
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That said, the Cardinals aren’t in desperate need for targets with Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Roberts plenty of capable of making big plays. The Cardinals also have some depth at tight end with Jake Ballard joining the team this week. Ballard and fellow tight end Rob Housler have a reception each, Ballard for 15 yards and Housler for 12 yards and a touchdown.