Red Sox manager John Farrell suspended for incident with umpire

John Farrell’s outburst with the umpire during Saturday’s matchup is going to cost him some time in the dugout.

The Red Sox manager on Tuesday was suspended one game and given an undisclosed fine by MLB for his altercation with upmire Bill Miller during Boston’s loss to the Angels, the league announced.

The incident occurred in the seventh inning of Saturday’s meeting after Red Sox reliever Fernando Abad was called for a balk, which brought in a run for the Angels. After some intense nose-to-nose screaming, Farrell was tossed from the game by home plate ump Ryan Blakney.
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The Nets go upside here with Allen, a solid chance to take a potential lottery-level talent if things go right. He’s mobile, has great hands and good touch and can play in the pick-and-roll, a necessity in Kenny Atkinson’s scheme for bigs. Like the D’Angelo Russell chance they took earlier this week, this is a good home run swing.

Authentic Mens William Hayes Jersey This is an easy fit in Toronto. The team has been looking for a stretch/perimeter-4 for years, and Anunoby is going to be tailor-made for that role defensively. At 6-7 with a 7-3 wingspan, he has the potential to turn into an All-Defensive Team caliber player. The key is getting something out of him on offense, as he might be the rawest player in the first round on that end. Still, this is perfect.

For Eli Manning and the Giants, the Super road looks coldly familiar

Theres going to be brutally cold weather at Sundays NFC wild-card game at Lambeau Field. Theres also going to be history, expectations, long memories and the aura of an MVP candidate on a legendary roll.

Most problematic for the host Packers, though, is that Eli Manning will be there. That’s a bad omen for the Packers. it’s a much better omen for the Giants.

It isnt so much that the Giants have won the past two playoff games in Green Bay, and that the Giants were Cinderellas both times, and that the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl each time. Or even that Manning is the only remaining major figure from the first meeting in 2008, and one of just a handful from 2012.

it’s that Manning is entering the playoffs looking just as underwhelming and doubt-inducing now as he did both times before. Which means, of course, that hes got the Packers and the rest of the NFL right where he wants them. Including the Patriots, the overwhelming favorites to go back to the Super Bowl from the AFC, as they were before on the Giantstitle runs (definitely after their perfect 2007 regular season, only slightly less so in 2011).

It’s one of the best years I’ve seen a coordinator have, said Lynch, who added he will report directly to York.

Shanahan said Monday night that nothing is set in stone, but he thinks Lynch will be successful as the Niners GM.

‘If I’m going to bet on somebody, I’m going to bet on John Lynch, Shanahan said during Super Bowl Opening Night. John has succeeded at everything. That’s what excites me about him.sharks_302

Ask fans in Northern California and all over Ohio how they feel about resting players

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Shame on you, Adam Silver, for not doing the right thing and putting a stop to this charade that is the NBA playoffs. You are not seeing the big picture.

Without a semblance of parity, your league will suffer.

NBA regular-season ratings were down this season, likely because everybody knew Golden State vs. Cleveland in the finals for the third straight year was a foregone conclusion.

Not committing to Ball might be a smokescreen, but I am not sure what they’re screening. I think they’re just still uncertain.
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The NBA Finals will start Thursday, and folks in those two locales will be glued to the proceedings. The teams are arriving in those Finals almost entirely healthy, thanks in part to strategic rest throughout the regular season. One will have a parade through town in a few weeks, and that matters a lot more to the locals than the high-stakes pouting of disappointed broadcasters.

Ask fans in Northern California and all over Ohio how they feel about resting players. They’ll tell you what’s become obvious here: They’re fine with it, because it worked.

Stephen Curry played all seven games in last year’s NBA Finals, but you have to wonder if he had some lingering injury concerns. He was hurt in the team’s first playoff game against the Rockets and missed the next two games. He returned briefly before injuring himself again, missing the next four games.

Warriors guard Andre Iguodala reached in and slapped the ball from James, forcing the ball out of bounds for a turnover that sealed the game.

No fatigue? James looked weary on that play. He spiked the ball into the floor after the whistle blew. I lay it all on the floor, James said, and I did that tonight, gave everything that I had, both mentally and physically. So obviously I’m drained right now, ready to get home.

NBA Finals 2017: LeBron James in awe of juggernaut Warriors ‘firepower’

LeBron James hailed the Golden State Warriors’ unrivaled firepower after his Cleveland Cavaliers fell, 118-113, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The Warriors are closing in on an unprecedented 16-0 playoff record, but they have cause to be wary after the Cavs became the first team to come from being down 3-1 to steal last year’s title from their grasp.
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In NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s state of the NBA press conference Thursday before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, he was asked about the situation and if there were going to be any repercussions for what Jackson said. The commissioner was quick to say no.

We did not consider disciplining Phil Jackson for those comments about potentially trading Carmelo, he said. The view of the league is it’s not reciprocal. Players can’t trade themselves, teams can trade players, so it’s never been a history in this league of fining a team or disciplining a team executive for talking about trading a player.

For now, Roberts will just have to stew about Jackson and take solace in the numerous times he’ll stick his foot in his mouth in the next few years, because, honestly, James Dolan isn’t going to move on from Jackson. Dolan only has his eyes on getting ex-players out of his arena.
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As Mike Breen said on the ABC broadcast, The greatest scoring in half in NBA Finals history comes to an end. Irving leads all scorers with 28 points (11 of 14 from the field), James has a typically brilliant line (22 points, eight rebounds, six assists) and Love poured in 17 points. Durant kept the Warriors within shouting distance by scoring an efficient 22 points, including a buzzer-beater to end the half. We’ve seen the Warriors cut huge deficits before, but the Cavs are burning down the nets right now. That was crazy.

The Giants likely will instead try to rebound

The difference will need to come from either the Patriots’ or Falcons’ pass rush. Ryan was sacked 37 times on his 571 dropbacks, rather high for someone with his overall downfield passing numbers, and Seattle got to him three times in the divisional round. Brady took only 15 sacks in 12 games, but was sacked twice each in the playoff wins over Houston and Pittsburgh. New England’s defense recorded 34 sacks in the regular season, which tied for No. 16 in the NFL with Atlanta.

What have made Ryan and Brady so good this season is the fact that after their clear (healthy) go-to guys Julio Jones and Julian Edelman they spread the ball around well to everyone else. Their respective No. 2 targets change from matchup to matchup, from wideouts to running backs to tight ends. That’s all helped by working with the two best offensive coordinators in the game, Kyle Shanahan and Josh McDaniels.

All the QB evidence points to the Patriots and Falcons playing a crisp, clean shootout in Super Bowl LI. The winning QB will walk off having earned his game MVP award in a championship passing duel for the ages.

And if they do get to that point — late July, double-digit games below .500 and staring at an insurmountable deficit in the standings — and they decide to trade, say, Johnny Cueto before he opts out of his contract at the end of the year, expect the Giants to insist on major league ready talent in return. As bad as this season may get, they’re still not in a position to start looking four or five years down the line. If they give up on 2017, it’ll be with an eye toward 2018. They simply have too much invested in their core group to do otherwise.

A full rebuild Not likely. The Giants likely will instead try to rebound, embrace a youth movement at certain positions to see who can contribute next year, and try to reload in the offseason in hopes of getting themselves back into contention. It’s worked for them in the past, and chances are they’ll pin their hopes on it working again.jays_1239_fab10f41556d4852-180x180

Patriots fans call Roger Goodell ‘coward,’ ‘afraid’ after he ducks AFC championship

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be at the Georgia Dome for a second consecutive week, as he’ll attend the Packers-Falcons NFC championship game Sunday instead of the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium, according to multiple reports.

The Browns began the year with 14 straight losses before knocking off the Chargers last week for their only win. The Browns have the top pick but will also pick 12th in a selection acquired last April from the Eagles (7-9).

They will be followed in the draft by the 49ers (2-14), Bears (3-13), Jaguars (3-13) and Titans (9-7), who have the fifth overall pick because of their trade last April with the Rams (4-12). The Titans also own the 18th overall selection.

While picks 21-32 will be determined by the results of the playoffs, selections 1-20 are set. The defending Super Bowl champion Broncos (9-7) will pick 20th. The Panthers, who won the NFC last season with a 15-1 record, stumbled to a 6-10 mark this year and will pick eighth.

The Browns would help themselves drafting for any position. If they choose to go for a great defensive edge rusher, such as Alabama’s Jonathan Allen or Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, with their No. 1 overall pick, you can’t blame them.
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Limited Kids Marshall Faulk Jersey That then puts the heat on the 49ers and the Bears to go with Watson. If he’s still available again for the Browns’ next first-rounder at No. 12, he would be a no-brainer pick.

Since his arrival last January as an unknown cog in New Englands front office, Quinn has done an excellent job helping to change the culture in Allen Park. He made changes to team headquarters in the weight room and cafeteria to make it more player-friendly. He adroitly replaced retiring wide receiver Calvin Johnson with free-agent targets Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin, who picked up the slack.

Cardinals’ David Johnson suffers ugly knee injury against Rams

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson just suffered an unfortunate end to an incredible season.
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The second-year back entered Week 17 as the league leader in yards from scrimmage,but suffered a left knee injury in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Rams on a sweep play.

Johnson was on the ground for several minutes before leaving the field under his own power. He was carted to the locker room.

Authentic Womens Josh Huff Jersey Through 15 games, Johnson had 1,233 rushing yards, 841 receiving yards and 20 total touchdowns. He needed just 100 more yards from scrimmage tobecome the first player in NFL history to have 16 straight games with more than 100 yards of total offense in one season.

Whoa’s going to show up in the Coliseum for the conclusion of Season 1 of the ballyhooed return to L.A. Maybe the Rams themselves, but based on that loss to the 49ers last week, thata’s no guarantee. Arizonaa’s David Johnson needs 159 receiving yards to join Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk with 1,000-plus rushing and receiving yards in one season. Go for it, Carson Palmer. Cardinals, 27-17

No way the Packers are going to let the Lions beat them for the NFC North crown, right Thata’s what everybody said last year about the Vikings going to Lambeau for an identical winner-take-all finale a鈧瑋 and the Vikings won. Dismiss the Lions at your peril, even with the two straight losses to stronger, more balanced teams coming in. The year Matthew Stafford is having should take a back seat to no one. Lions, 26-23

David Ortiz: Yankees’ Aaron Judge is ‘scariest thing I’ve ever seen’

NEW YORK — Red Sox and Yankees players typically don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings toward each other. But no less than Red Sox legend David Ortiz calls giant Yankees slugger Aaron Judge the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.

Big Papi was in the Big Apple on Monday night for a charity event hosted by Yankees ace CC Sabathia. Ortiz couldn’t stop talking about the Babe Ruth-like power of the 6-7, 282-pound Judge, who leads the American League with 18 homers this season.

Judge has been playing at an MVP level, said Ortiz, who bedeviled the Yankees for years as Boston’s DH and spiritual leader. The Bronx Bombers have their newest stud in Judge, who Ortiz described as a beast.
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Authentic Mens Albert Wilson Jersey ESPN’s Buster Olney says Judge, a possible Triple Crown winner, is the front-runner for AL MVP after the recent injury to superstar Mike Trout.

Jordon’s goal, of course, isn’t just to push kids into baseball. And it’s not to push kids away from football or basketball, either. It’s just to make sure they understand they have options.

My message is really just this: Look at me and the type of athlete that I am, and these kids resemble how I was coming through middle school, a really good athlete who played everything. I played some stuff because my buddies played, he says. My message to them is, whatever you really want to do, take it and run with it. If it’s tennis, and you love tennis, then do it. If you’re a bowler and you love to bowl, then do that. But don’t play football because your friend plays or your mom said you need to play. And don’t play basketball because your brother plays and you feel like that’s the only sport for you. Really try to figure out what you enjoy.

Michael Vick writes touching, confession-filled letter to Atlanta

Michael Vick (still) loves Atlanta. He will always love Atlanta. He has been a Falcons fan all season, and he can’t wait to cheer them on in Super Bowl 51. Expressing those feelings is something the 36-year-old former Falcons quarterback has “been meaning to do for a while.”

So Vick wrote a letter to the city he called home from the time he was drafted, in 2001, to 2007, when he pleaded guilty to federal dog fighting charges.

“I wanted to write to the city as a whole,” Vick wrote in The Players’ Tribune, “and to the people in it — to remember, I guess, and to say thanks. And maybe also just to sort of reflect. Because without Atlanta … man, without Atlanta, I’m nothing. Without Atlanta, I might not even be here to write this today.”

The Browns saw Pro Bowl center Alex Mack leave along with wide receiver Travis Benjamin, cornerback Johnson Bademosi, safety Tashaun Gipson, linebacker Craig Robertson and offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz while only gaining linebacker Demario Davis.

The Broncos lost quarterback Brock Osweiler, tight end Vernon Davis, linebacker Danny Trevathan, guard Evan Mathis, defensive tackle Malik Jackson, safety David Bruton and offensive tackle Ryan Harris. They signed offensive tackles Donald Stephenson and Russell Okung, and defensive end Jared Crick.

The Chiefs had Stephenson depart, along with cornerback Sean Smith, quarterback Chase Daniel, safety Tyvon Branch and guard Jeff Allen, but signed Schwartz from the Browns.

The Giants were originally given a compensatory pick, but as the result of league discipline, their fourth-round selection of 140th overall was stripped. avalanche-026_09101d8e739b57eb-180x180

Manning has been active in children’s causes.

This is the team that will make agents salivate at potential contracts. The Jaguars have been incredibly aggressive in free agency over the last few years and have signed some of the most player-friendly contracts at the most player-friendly prices in the NFL over that time period.

Authentic Nikita Whitlock Jersey Jacksonville should be one of the first teams an agent calls either to negotiate a contract or to try to drive the price up for a more desirable location. Some of the money will go to receiver Allen Robinson, but the Jags don’t have many other considerations on their roster … unless they decide to extend Blake Bortles.

In addition to their well-publicized feats on the field, both Manning and Fitzgerald have been prolific in their charitable work. The Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund has provided more than $1 million in grants to promote reading and tech access for K-12 students and to support efforts to prevent and cure breast cancer and support survivors. Fitzgerald has also worked with charities as a volunteer to promote vision care for children, to provide hearing aids for people around the world and to visit countries in Africa to promote economic development.

Manning has been active in children’s causes. He has served as the Chair of the New York March for Babies for the past seven years, helping raise more than $25 million. Manning also leads “Tackle Kids’ Cancer,” in an initiative with Hackensack University Medical Center. Manning has also reached out to Mississippi. Manning and his wife founded the Eli and Abby Manning Children’s Clinics in 2007, and raised close to $3 million in funding. They also established the University of Mississippi Medical Center Manning Family Fund.
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The NFL Man of the Year Award has been given out each year since 1970. It was later renamed in honor of Payton, the legendary Bears running back.