Spurs in pursuit of Argentinean guard Nicolas Laprovittola

The San Antonio Spurs are in pursuit of a third Argentinean for their roster, according to league sources.

So that’s why USAB chairman Jerry Colangelo didn’t need a lot of time Sunday night, after the medals were handed out here in Rio, to make an immediate declaration about the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

“We can’t go back again with 10 new players,” Colangelo said. “That’s not going to happen.”

“For me,” he added with unmistakable relief, “I’m glad we got past this.”

Colangelo was grateful, mostly, for the presence of the few wise old heads who did make the trip to these Olympics. There they sat in front of the world’s media at the postgame podium from left to right: Mike Krzyzewski, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

Laprovittola and Garino were key contributors to the Argentina squad that reached the elimination round in the recent Olympics.

A dozen years removed from leading ?Argentina to an improbable gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Ginobili, at 39, retired from international play following ?a quarterfinal loss to the United States.

“This is an incredible and wonderful city. And after today’s amazing celebration, I hope that this legacy extends beyond basketball. I hope that August 24, on this day, is a celebration of passion and hard work, dedication and mentorship. Because teaching the next generation how to achieve greatness is really what it’s all about. And together as a city we can do this. We only play for one thing in this city, and that’s winning championships. Inspiring the next generation to achieve their dreams, whatever that dream might be, is the most important thing. We need each other to do it. And together we will do that, and certainly we will win championship after championship.”

His news conference afterward had little do with basketball. His first two questions were about his newly announced venture capital fund [“I’m not looking for the massive multiple, I’m looking for the passion for the idea,” Bryant said] and the challenge of defeating homelessness.

He seemed as comfortable talking about these non-basketball issues as any of the politicians were during the day, and it was evident he was well prepared for his post-basketball transition.