Patriots coach Bill Belichick barely addressed quarterback Tom Brady injured right hand during a news conference on Friday morning.

A fun new thing I have since the round-trip car voyage is a semi-permanent A. J. Pollock Jersey eye tic. Just a tiny little muscle spasm on my lower left eyelid that’s like, Hey, remember that time you were trapped in a rolling box of stress for six hours? Twice? Look for it on SB Nation’s YouTube channel in 2018.
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My wife leaves to walk the dog right as the early games wind down. Because we’re keeping our children out of the Arctic blast, I stay back with both kids. My son immediately grabs the iPad off the table and shoves his face into it.

I want Elsa, my daughter says, so I play Let It Go on Spotify and pull up an image of Elsa for her to look at while the song plays. Frozen is the next horizon for us after Moana. I’m fine with this eventuality, but Moana definitely has the superior story and soundtrack. The important thing is that they’re both better than the 50 years of Disney princess movies that came before. GAHHHH WHY DO I SPEND SO MUCH TIME THINKING ABOUT DISNEY CARTOONS?

The Browns, despite their best effort against the Steelers’ B-team, finish their season 0-16. Congratulations?

Because all nine (!!!) late games start at 4:25 p.m. ET, RedZone’s Scott Hanson must deal with an action-less lull that’s unusual for so early in the day. It’s 4:15 and RedZone is running highlights, snippets of press conferences, and fantasy updates. And come on: I know the segment is sponsored, no self-respecting fantasy league is active in Week 17. Much like Le’Veon Bell.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ long-term commitment to the U.K. has allowed them to become a much stronger franchise, according to the team’s senior vice president of international development, Hussain Naqi.
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The Jags, who travel to Foxborough on Sunday to play the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, have made five visits to London since the NFL launched the International Series back in 2007.

Following a dominant 44-7 victory over Baltimore in their 2017 matchup at Wembley Stadium, it was confirmed last week that the Jags will host the Philadelphia Eagles — a potential Super Bowl rematch — under the famous arch as part of the 2018 schedule.

In addition to transforming Wembley into something of a fortress — winning their last three games at the ground — Naqi says the team’s time in the U.K. has also benefited the franchise away from the field.
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