Mexico makes itself clear: More NFL, please

Around here they call him Tony Pomo.

Yes, it rhymes with Romo.

“But there’s more to it than that,” Roberto García Arrelious Benn Authentic Jersey points out, using his right hand to mimic what one would do while taking a swig of alcohol.

See, García explains, pomo is slang for a bottle of hard liquor. And Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys star who is now a backup quarterback, has long reminded many a Mexican NFL fan — García included — of a man who has consumed a lot of, well, pomo. You know, because of all the injuries.

“He’s always down,” García said, laughing. “He’s always out of commission.”

Johnson wasn’t always perfect — he and partner Lindsay Arnold made a big mistake in the Viennese Waltz on his first dance of the night — but his improvement as a dancer was obvious throughout the season.

“Without a doubt,” judge Len Goodman said, “the most improved dancer in this final.”

On the final Monday of competition, Johnson and Arnold scored 75 of 80 points — a 35 for the Viennese Waltz, and then, in his final dance of the night, a perfect 40 of 40 in the freestyle.

Arnold said she doesn’t trust many professional dancers to do some of the lifts she let Johnson Arthur Brown Authentic Jersey do on Monday night. That’s how much she has grown to trust Johnson, and with good reason.

That Johnson had made it this far was shocking to most people, even though he showed some potential the first few weeks of the competition. Considering he had rarely danced before — he didn’t even dance when he scored touchdowns for the Lions — being a finalist is a pretty impressive achievement for the 31-year-old.