Washington’s most glaring issue is the back end of the bullpen

Corey Seager Limited Jersey Pike signed baseball’s first professional contract in 1866, $20 with Philadelphia and ranks among the game’s brightest early stars. But baseball’s first league, the National Association didn’t come along until 1871. There’s been some dissension in the historical community about whether to treat this short-lived league as a professional circuit. The first league everyone agrees on, the National League, didn’t come along until 1876. By then, Pike’s best years were almost behind him, though he shined a few more years. Early seasons were also considerably shorter than they are today. Thus, Pike’s stats, at least as officially recorded, look nothing like that of a Hall of Famer.

Washington’s most glaring issue is the back end of the bullpen, and all signs point to the Nationals likely making a move for White Sox closer David Robertson. Washington has whiffed on essentially every free agent reliever this offseason, including, but not limited to, Aroldis Chapman, Mark Melancon and Kenley Jansen. They also gave up a ton — two top-50 MLB prospects and their 2016 first-round pick — to get Adam Eaton. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

Mens Bradley Sowell Jersey More credit might be due to Doc Adams, who served as chairman of the inaugural Committee on Rules and Regulations in May 1857 and might have done some of the things Cartwright is credited with on his Hall of Fame plaque, such as establishing the distance between bases. Major League Baseball historian John Thorn rediscovered Adams in the early 1980s and highlighted him in his outstanding 2012 book, Baseball in the Garden of Eden.

Eddie Lacy cashes in on first chance to earn weight bonus with Seahawks

Darrius Heyward-Bey Mens Jersey The key number for Eddie Lacy on Monday was 55.

In order for the Seahawks running back to earn $55,000 in one day, he needed to weigh in at 255 pounds or less, according to ESPN. Because Monday marked the first of seven weigh-in checkpoints for the 26-year-old this year in Seattle.

The one-year, $4.25 million contract Lacy signed with the Seahawks in March came with the possibility of a $385,000 weight bonus. Lacy, known for carrying too many extra pounds at points during his four-year tenure in Green Bay, would be able to earn that bonus in segments — $55,000 at each of his seven weigh-ins.
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However, as we worked to advance him into the next stage — the strengthening stage, the throwing stage — he started to have an increase in his pain level and started having pain while throwing. As a result, Dr. Pat Connor (head team physician) felt the most prudent procedure would be to arthroscopically repair the shoulder.

Newton suffered a partially torn rotator cuff against the Chargers in Week 14 of last season. Although he didn’t miss any time, the Panthers limited his activity as the season neared a close and Carolina failed to make the playoffs one year after falling to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

It is well-documented and well-researched that overhead-throwing athletes commonly have wear and tear to their rotator cuffs, Vermillion said. As a result of the MRI, we modified all of Cam’s work in the weight room and on the field for the final three weeks of the season.

In addition to Newton, defensive end Charles Johnson (back) and wide receiver Damiere Byrd (knee) are also scheduled to have surgery and be ready in time for camp.

Kate Upton, Justin Verlander plan really fun wedding

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton have special plans for their special day.

It’s really quite simple, too.

The limited focus of the program and the likely expense of re-licensing the music segments would make a commercial DVD release or even a re-airing cost-prohibitive.

Elite Mens A. J. Cann Jersey If you had done something like that today, it’d be in the stores 鈥?(but) again, it was before its time, Diamond said. I think we knew it had a pretty short shelf life.

That’s not to say it’s totally unappreciated.

The program has developed a cult following through the years, fueled by older, die-hard Braves fans who saw it in 1983 and happily copy or circulate worn-out VHS tapes to introduce younger fans to this unique bit of 80s Americana.

Some fans have written to Diamond and Hanson in hopes of securing a copy, or just to express gratitude.

It’s feedback that’s always appreciated.
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Because every email, and every repeat viewing, means their unique and groundbreaking baseball story is still alive somewhere.

Only a few people remember It’s a Long Way to October,’ Diamond said. But those who remember really remember.

Jerry Dipoto is a madman. Why the Mariners were so willing to get rid of a talent such as Taijuan Walker, we’ll never know. Considering that Felix Hernandez, while still good, might not be the ace that he was in years past, giving up Walker could hurt the rotation in 2017. The good thing for Seattle, however, is that its farm system is ripe with young arms. If they pan out, the Mariners will be OK.

‘Madden NFL 18’ to introduce story mode, feature new play styles

The popularity of story-based modes has grown in sports games over recent years due to the production values found in the NBA 2K series and, more recently, the debut of one in FIFA 17 — The Journey got great reviews and was made possible by the Frostbite engine.
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When the company announced that Madden NFL 18 would be transitioning to Frostbite, it was a foregone conclusion that Madden would be next in line to offer a story mode.

That was made official Friday with the teasing of a story mode in the first Madden NFL 18 trailer.

In FIFA 17, gamers played the role of a pre-designed character working toward and reaching the Premier League and experiencing the trials and tribulations that came with a first season. Madden might be taking a similar route, showing the character in the trailer looking out at Lucas Oil Stadium, which is the location of the NFL Scouting Combine.

That means names could continue to dribble out for weeks, extending the cycle of layoff news stories, but ESPN decided that was the right thing to do.
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While the remaining names like Bettis’ gradually emerge, ESPN is not sitting back. It’s reorganizing its talent lineup to focus more on digital and multiplatform performers. The company continues to announce new hires and contract extensions. It just hired Emmy-winning journalist Stefano Fusaro, and it announced contract extensions with Julie Foudy, Adam Amin and Dari Nowkhah.

It also is poised to publicly announce Mike Greenberg’s new solo morning show at its annual upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on May 16.

The Bears got ripped by most for the move up to draft quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2.

Taking the pressure off quarterback Cam Newton got the Panthers high marks from most. Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel are new weapons for an offense that needed them. Defensive end Daeshon Hall was also considered a good selection in the third round.

The Bears got ripped by most for the move up to draft quarterback Mitchell Trubisky at No. 2. Only drafting one player on defense was a critique of the Bears’ draft this year.

The feelings about the Bengals draft centered on the selection of running back Joe Mixon in the second round. And it’s not even exactly about him punching a woman in the face. It was about the value of the pick since so many teams had him off their draft board. Some were averse to the pick of John Ross in the first round.

Yeah, so the Raiders lost their first 10 games with Carr. But keep in mind the team had to deal with a coaching change after four weeks, and Carr took just 11 sacks in those 10 games behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines. Some organizational continuity in Oakland now is going far in helping Carr maintain his success label as a franchise passer.

Manziel wasn’t shoved into the lineup until Week 15 of his rookie season, and he’s not eligible for a success/failure stamp with just eight starts to his name. Those starts were pretty ugly, though, and Johnny Football busted miserably in Cleveland.

Like Bortles, Bridgewater spent the first two weeks of his career on the bench before coming in as relief in Week 3. After that, he was named starter for the rest of the season.


Here’s the important thing: It doesn’t happen without Mike Muscala and his face.

Without defenders willing to play the role of the antagonist, we don’t get marvelous freeze frames like that. We don’t get GIFs that get us dancing in our living rooms. We don’t get stinkfaces. We don’t get bench reactions. We don’t get posters. To the dunkers go the tributes. But without the poster victims, none of this is possible.

Game Mens Jack Ham Jersey We should cherish every player who decides to defend a dunk. We should not ridicule them in a classic sense. (Memes are fine. In fact, memes are good.) These defenders have not been emasculated or expelled from the NBA or any of the goofy things we tweet when something like this happens. They have died on stage, much as Tybalt falls by Romeo’s sword. (Spoiler alert.) It’s a dramatic moment within the greater drama of the game; sometimes, the dramatic moment outshines the whole. But Tybalt still gets applause at the curtain call. So too should Mike Muscala’s face.

Thank you, Mike Muscala’s face. John Wall may be the star of this scene, but it couldn’t happen without you.

But from the very moment that we lost Game 4, I was just very calm about the whole situation, seeing the good that we can prepare and get better for Game 5, instead of looking at all the bad that we did. Just mentally, just having these guys focus, and they answered the call.

Elite Kids DeMarcus Ware Jersey The disregard is so mean because the Raptors, for the last few years, have been the team that was supposed to dethrone LeBron James in the Eastern Conference. They were the liberators who would take down the tyrant king. And each time James hasn’t just beaten them, he’s done it with the attitude of a man who is annoyed at the fact that he has to answer work e-mail on his day off. The Raptors are the supposed challengers to his dominance, and he’s swatting them away with the casual boredom of a scientist who is tired of explaining that velociraptors were the size of turkeys and had feathers.

NFL draft 2017: Updating best available players as picks are made

The 2017 NFL Draft is officially in the books, but we’ve got you covered with our running list of the best available players who didn’t get selected. If you are unsure about who went where, check out our tracker.

Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, who was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the first overall pick, is the obvious No. 1 on our list. The Chicago Bears traded up to the No. 2 slot and drafted quarterback Mitch Trubisky, a move a lot of people questioned.
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It happened sort of how we expected. San Antonio has a wide range of contributors, but no one who could contain Zach Randolph on Thursday. He scored 21 points while Marc Gasol added 21 more. The slow-paced game came down to sparkling execution, and Memphis’ five turnovers and 51 percent shooting carried them while San Antonio just wasn’t as sharp. The other hero was Mike Conley, who lit up for 24 points that included moves like this.
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I just felt that, I saw it watching the game, at no point was he going to get tired. I just think that she was just looking down on him and just giving him any extra motivation, any little touch, any little spring. When you’re on the court, that’s your sanctuary. That’s where you kinda block everything out no matter what you’re going through in your individual life, you can block everything out because that’s your happy place, and it definitely showed for him in his individual performance.

Ernie Johnson roasted Charles Barkley with a chicken nuggets joke

Limited Marshawn Lynch Jersey Who knew Ernie Johnson could be so savage? The Inside The NBA host was just sharing some statistics on air Wednesday when Charles Barkley inadvertently rolled out the red carpet for Ernie to barrel in with this genius roast.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that was good, Ernie. I mean, we all love chicken nuggets, but I could see Chuck really diving into a plate of them. Who can blame him? And then the O’Neal lean-over-and-rub-his-belly moment completes this.

Limited Laquon Treadwell Jersey Ernie roasted (kind of) Shaquille O’Neal earlier this week, too, telling him on air about how he didn’t vote for him for MVP in 2005 and 2006. The look on Shaq’s face was priceless.

Pavel This is your first World Championship. What kind of tournaments did you watch on TV as a child? What do you remember most from them?

Nikita Sure, [I watched the] World Championship of 2008 in Quebec, when Russia defeated Canada despite initially losing 2-4 in final game. [Ilya] Kovalchuk scored in overtime. And the next year, in Bern, when Radulov scored the Gold Medal Winning Goal. These are the most memorable World Championships for me. Actually, I’ve watched all of them. I dreamed of playing for the Russian national team at this level. It is a great honor, and I’m glad I have a chance now.

You’ve met with your old friend Nikita Gusev on the national team. Have you followed his game in the KHL?

I was trying to watch all his highlight moments in the game. I was concerned with Gusev and Igor Ozhiganov from CSKA. It doesn’t matter who won, just wanted to make sure my friends played well.

There is a photo of the team born in 1992 at your hockey school, where you are sitting in the front line. Do you often remember your own school?

Allen’s frame and prodigious power suggest he’ll have no trouble transitioning to a starting role in 2017.

Allen’s frame and prodigious power suggest he’ll have no trouble transitioning to a starting role in 2017. Few players in college football were more explosive after the snap than the Alabama lineman, who careened into backfields and commanded double teams in his final two collegiate seasons. He can work over the center as a nose tackle or on the edge as a defensive end, using his strength and footwork to smother the pocket from several different angles.

He has a strong punch after the snap that drives blockers backward and creates avenues to leak into the backfield. He also reads plays well, allowing him to disengage once he identifies the play and slide laterally to attack ball carriers as they near the line of scrimmage. He’s good at finishing big plays once he sniffs them out, using an extra gear to drag quarterbacks to the turf.

He’s a dogged pursuer against the run who will relentlessly chase plays and make an impact even when teams game plan around him. That versatility could make him a three-down player in the NFL. He should be up to the task — he answered any questions about his conditioning last fall after recording nearly 750 snaps for Alabama.

All in all, Allen is a solid defensive lineman who grew exponentially as a college player and is now versatile enough to hold down several different roles on the defensive line. Washington is getting a player who blows up running lanes in the middle of the field and wraps up running backs. They’re also getting a defensive end who can collapse the pocket from the edge and make quarterbacks panic.

2017 NFL draft order for full 7 rounds

Authentic Youth Khari Lee Jersey In three years at Louisiana State, Adams proved he can be a disruptor deep in the backfield or at the line of scrimmage. He plays on a swivel in coverage, reading quarterbacks and adjusting to checkdowns with immediacy. This leaves him in good shape for over-the-top help downfield, but it’s most fun when plays are dialed back to the line of scrimmage, allowing him to run downhill and break up passes like a series of small explosions.

The son of former NFL first-round pick George Adams will follow his father’s footsteps. He has the potential to make an immediate impact on any defense in the NFL and will bring his leadership style directly into the locker room. No matter where he ends up, Jamal Adams will be a impactful presence.

There’s still plenty of time for trades to shake up the order, though, and there will inevitably be plenty of trades during draft weekend. In 2016, there were 25 trades made after the beginning of the first round and a similar amount is likely in 2017.

Authentic Youth Jerry Rice Jersey But for now, the order is set with the Browns slated to start the selections, followed by the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, respectively.

This draft has some solid quarterback talent in it, but overall, it’s a weaker class than in past seasons. Outside of Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky, you’re rolling some serious dice. So why not roll the dice on Peppers? He’s a freak athlete who ran the wildcat a few times at Michigan — with success.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is also confident in Peppers’ abilities at quarterback. He’s a natural at the quarterback position, as well as other positions, so there’s a theme there, Harbaugh told the Detroit Free Press in October.