Can Harden or Westbrook achieve ‘Tiny’ feat?

Nate Archibald is watching James Harden and Russell Westbrook closely. He finds himself talking about them with increasing frequency.

The NBA legend universally known as Tiny, ?most of all, is rooting for one of them to do what only Archibald has done in this game: Lead the league in both scoring and assists in the same season.

Yet he’s convinced that Harden and Westbrook, like Travis Swanson Authentic Womens Jersey Archibald himself some 43 years ago, aren’t consciously trying to pull a Tiny.

Record-book glory, he insists, is just the unintended bonus.

Remember our encylopedia-length Weekend Dimes back in the day? On Fridays, whenever the schedule allows, we like to try to recapture the spirit of the WD thing with a mini Son of Weekend Dime … because you know what nostalgic saps we are here at Stein Line Live.
“It wasn’t by design when I did it,” Archibald told by phone this week, harking back to his 1972-73 season with the Kansas City/Omaha Kings, when he averaged 34.0 points and 11.4 assists.

Kovalev interrupted, saying, “He spent $400,000. I counted.”

Duva loved what she saw from Kovalev in the Boone rematch, but just to be sure she asked Hall of Fame promoter and matchmaker Russell Peltz, her close business associate, who was at the fight, for his take. With Peltz’s glowing approval, Duva signed Kovalev. Four fights later, Kovalev made his HBO debut, going to Wales and destroying Nathan Cleverly inside four rounds to win a world title.

“The fact that other promoters passed on Sergey blows my mind,” Duva said. “We Tyrunn Walker Authentic Womens Jersey took one look at him that night and I still remember the look on Russell Peltz’s face. I said, ‘Oh, God, thank you, thank you!'”

Duva’s company, founded in 1978 by her late husband Dan, promoted many big stars, including Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Fernando Vargas and Arturo Gatti. But the company was in need of a new centerpiece and she found one that night in Kovalev.

“It must have been my husband in heaven,” she said. “I knew what to do with Sergey. They say the elements of success are drive, having a chip on your shoulder and someone who can make the system work for you. Sergey’s got a great big chip on his shoulder. He has more drive than I’ve ever seen. And I know how to make the system work. I just needed that talent and there he is.”

Duva convinced HBO to get on the bandwagon and Kovalev, known as “Krusher” for his devastating power, has been unstoppable, rising up the pound-for-pound list, notching impressive victories against former world champion Jean Pascal (twice) and beating Bernard Hopkins easily to unify three world titles. But what was it that Klimas saw in Kovalev during the uncertain times that convinced him this project wasn’t a waste of time?

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