Coach Jason Garrett, Romo’s BFF, had no choice but to bench Romo

In the offseason, he’ll be released or traded and allowed to resurrect his career as a starter.

Coach Jason Garrett, Romo’s BFF, had no choice but to bench Romo. He preaches the importance of a football team being a meritocracy.

He talks about the importance of players earning their role on the team every day with their preparation, practice and performance. There’s Robert Alford Authentic Womens Jersey no way he could bench Prescott.

A decade ago, Romo was the young guy who dazzled a city with his superior play and infectious personality. Now, it’s Prescott.

He has done it with superb play and a humble attitude. He has been deferential to Romo while earning a leadership position with his performance.

The latest example occurred Sunday, when Ryan Schraeder Authentic Womens Jersey Prescott twice led the Cowboys from behind in the final two minutes.

“Bill said to me, ‘What are you doing?’ I had just heard enough. Wolf Blitzer was talking so fast it hurt my brain.

“I sent my staff a riff earlier in the day from George Carlin about not voting. If you vote, you are responsible for what you get.”

Phil Jackson is, of course, a president of a different kind. He’s in control of the New York Knicks and fully endorses the notion that if his platform doesn’t pan out, he will assume responsibility.

Jackson sat down for an exclusive interview with the morning after the election to discuss Derrick Rose, the triangle, Carmelo Anthony’s activism and Gregg Popovich’s “asterisk.”

Jackie MacMullan: You have been under siege since you’ve taken over the Knicks, which has been different for you. In your coaching travels you’ve been all but untouchable. How have you handled the adversity?

Phil Jackson: I knew the parameters of what would go on from years of playing in series against the Knicks. I remember all the barbs. It’s a process of sticking to my beliefs and being able to say, ‘Whatever.’ This is what I was hired to do. I’m going to follow the plan and if it doesn’t work out, it will be evident.

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